Return of the Kettlebell: Explosive Kettlebell Training for Explosive Muscle Gains by Dragon Door Publications, Inc

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Return of the Kettlebell's protocols were born from Pavel's insights while training elite power athletes. Several champions made astonishing, almost mysterious, strength and muscle gains--at least two broke new powerlifting world records—thanks to kettlebell training. Pavel decided to reverse engineer this "What the Hell" effect experienced by the champions—so all others could benefit from their success. Return of the Kettlebell presents the final fruit of Pavel's research—combining the very best of ancient lifting wisdom with modern day scientific breakthroughs.
Central to Pavel's new program for explosive muscle gain is the skillful use of double kettlebells. Discover smokers like the Double Clean, classic strength builders like the Double Snatch and Double Press and enjoy the supreme intensity of the Double Clean and Jerk. Like the Breakfast of Champions, consume what's on the Return of the Kettlebell menu and watch yourself grow—and grow!
Chapter 1: The Science of Big
Heresy, but it works! Maverick superstar Vasily Alexeevev snuck this renegade method past the apparatchiks' noses—and packed serious pounds of beef on his grateful students in record time… Page 2
Why the Russian kettlebell beats all comers as the ideal tool for repetition quick lifts… Page 3
Why "fast eccentrics" are now all the rage among serious hypertrophy experts
Understand how to manipulate Z-band streaming for faster muscle growth… Page 4
Shoot from both barrels! How a double whammy of "quick wacks" and "slow squeezes" will leave no muscle untrashed in your quest for explosive growth… Page 5
3 styles of Russian kettlebell training—which one is right for you?… Pages 6–8
Chapter 2: Explode and Grow
This "Smokers' Delight" will jack your heart rate through the roof… Page 11
The best starting position for more powerful—and safer—shoulder contractions… Page 13
The ladies' way to trouble-free Double Cleans… Page 17
Yes, this will build monstrous biceps—but you'll be risking a serious injury… Page 19
Bad idea! Why "scooping" can only hurt your future strength development… Page 20
The difference between anatomical and biomechanical breathing—and which to choose for greater strength development… Page 21
The essential prerequisites for a powerful Double Snatch… Page 22
You MUST employ this secret in the Double Snatch—or risk your back and face… Page 24
Could this method be the best ever upper back and shoulder builder?... Page 26
Employ this little-known method for the ultimate in lateral deltoid development… Page 28
How to correctly perform the Viking Push Press—for way more powerful quads and tris… Page30
The 2 biggest problems a beginner faces with the Push Press—and the perfect solution to both.
The correct grip for optimal explosiveness in the Snatch… Page 33
The essential prerequisite for maximal force transmission in the arms and legs… Page 34
The correct neck position for a truly effective Push Press—and a great way to save your back… Page 36
The 4 major keys to efficient and painless shock absorption
3 important reasons NEVER to raise your heels when push pressing… Page 40
Why it's best to stay "light" with the Viking Push Press… Page 43
Risk being accused of steroid abuse—when you gain like crazy from this ultimate kettlebell lift… Page 46
How to optimize your Clean and Jerk—for inhuman results
4 superb Russian drills to improve your shoulder mobility
The relative benefits of Jerks and Push Presses… Page 53
How to squeeze every possible advantage out of the Jerk
When and how to employ this Russian coaching favorite, the Half-Jerk… Page 55
The 4 key differences between the traditional power Jerk and the new GS Jerk… Page 56
Little-known Russian secrets for developing superior stability in the Jerk… Page 59
Chapter 3: Grind and Grow
Why Double Presses should be your main meal for truly massive muscle bu

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