RDX Kettlebell Weights Handle Fitness Strength Training Workout 2,4,6 and 10 KG

✅Cordura fabric Design✅Ideal for traveling or home work

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RDX EBAY --> About Us Payment Shipping Return Contact Us HOME GLOVES ▾ ▾ BOXING GLOVES MMA GLOVES GYM GLOVES HAND WRAPS & INNERS PUNCH BAG ▾ ▾ FILLED PUNCH BAG SET UN-FILLED PUNCH BAG SET SPEED & DOUBLE END BALLS UPPER BODY KICK BAGS PUNCH BAG UTILITIES SPEED BAG UTILITIES PROTECTIVE GEAR & SUPPORTS ▾ ▾ PROTECTIVE GEARS & SUPPORTS HEAD GUARD SHIN PROTECTORS GROIN GUARD CHEST & BELLY PROTECTORS MOUTH GUARD ELBOW & FOREARM PAD KNEE SUPPORT ANKLE SUPPORT MACHINE ATTACHMENTS SUPPORT & BRACES FITNESS GEAR ▾ ▾ GYM ACCESSORIES WEIGHT LIFTING BELTS WEIGHTED GYM ITEMS WEIGHT LIFTING GLOVES AB STRAP & TRICEPS ROPE SKIPPING ROPE KIT BAG & OTHER ACCESSORIES NEOPRENE SUPPORT TRAINING GEAR ▾ ▾ HOOK & JAB PAD THAI PADS & KICK SHIELDS APPAREL ▾ ▾ MMA & BOXING SHORTS MUAY THAI SHORTS RASH GUARD & DANGRI SAUNA & SWEAT SUITS COMPRESSION SHORTS & PANTS SWEATSHIRTS & HOODIES TRACKSUIT & TROUSERS T-SHIRT AND VESTS MORE ▾ ▾ NEW ARRIVAL LADIES ITEMS FREE DELIVERY ON ALL ORDERS Items Dispatched within 24 Hours 30 Days money back Guarantee International Delivery Available Product Features : RDX kettle bell is crafted with highest quality Cordura Fabric which is wear resistant and showcases eye-pleasing aesthetics. The outer fabric coating protects both the user, and the exercising surface. This swing kettle bell is expertly designed with slightly textured, smooth wide handle to provide you with an easy, comfortable and secure grip Filled with sand and iron crush for varying weights. A flat bottom surface enable you to store it upright without worrying about it rolling over This kettle bell features a compact structure that allows you conveniently perform modern cross training such as Swings, squats, snatch, pistol squats, deadlifts, Turkish get-ups and many more. Tightly packed needle-work ensures that the fabric will maintain its shape. Target specific muscles in the lower and upper body including biceps, shoulders, back, abs and much more. RDX kettle bell provides you with a simple and a reliable way to build strength, tone muscle and condition your body by performing a wide variety of lower and upper body exercises. While most exercises train individual muscle groups, Kettle Bell exercises can work the body as a whole, utilizing many muscle groups. Its durable design ensures safe, reliable performance from one workout to the next. Improve overall strength, core power, balance, flexibility, and coordination while also melting fat and sculpting healthy and lean muscles HGL-T1W CGR-T5 PBR17 GDR-T15MB GGN-X8 BGR-F7 Buyer's Feedback To be honest I really didn't buy this for its sandbag qaulity and it isn't the first kettlebell I've owned but the sandbag makes it slightly more unstable which is a massive kettlebell plus. ---- Jared Love this kettlebell. Its strong and soft at the same time. Easy to use to do your daily exercise. ---- Ananias This was a present and the recipient is very pleased with the product. It arrived before the estimated delivery date and although the external packaging was badly damaged the contents inside were perfect. ---- Caleb This kettle bell has been good to me ever since the gyms closed during lockdown. Very affordable, and would strongly recommend for core exercises. ---- Ezra SHIPPING INFORMATION Receiving Your Item - Your Insurance! Please allow up to 24 hours for your order to be processed and item dispatched. First Class services by courier (most deliveries are by courier) will then take 1-2 working days after being dispatched (Monday to Friday only) ABOUT US B2Fitness owns and operates composite facilities for manufacturing and exporting of Sporting Wears commodities particularly Martial Arts Boxing Uniforms & Supplies. The company fully realizes the importance of maintaining the quality of its products and for the same reason it is maintaining a quality control system. The ambition of the company is not only to supply the high quality products in the markets but also to take cognizance of customer satisfaction by providing pre and post sale extensive services to resolve their problems exactly as they desire. Due to these commitments, B2Fitness has established a prestigious position in the market. About Us Add to Favourite Seller View Your Feedback Newsletter Ask seller a Question Visit Our Store

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