RSP AminoLean Recovery - Post Workout BCAAs Amino Acids Supplement + Electrolytes, BCAAs and EAAs for Hydration Boost, Immunity Support - Muscle Recovery Drink, Vegan Aminos, Blood Orange

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RSP Amino Lean Recovery Post Workout, Blood Orange, 30 servings offers: 5g BCAA + EAA Natural Hydrating Electrolytes Immunity Boost: Vitamin C, D, Zinc Adaptogenic Mushroom Blend Vegetarian Friendly Sugar Free, No Artificial Ingredients Caffeine Free

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  • Amino Acids: BCAAs & EAAs- AminoLean Recovery Natural contains a complete spectrum of vegan amino acids for post workout recovery & muscle repair. It includes a proven 2:1:1 ratio of BCAAs amino acids plus all 9 Essential Amino Acids to support the entire recovery process.
  • Natural Electrolyte Powder- Rapid hydration support from a unique blend of natural electrolytes and 72 trace minerals that are easily absorbed by the body and used to replenish the electrolytes & minerals lost through sweat.
  • Immunity Boost - Whether you're looking for an immunity boost post workout or just extra daily immune support, AminoLean Recovery features Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc & Reishi Mushroom to support a healthy immune system & optimal recovery.
  • Clean & Premium Ingredients – AminoLean Recovery is vegetarian friendly, sugar free and contains no artificial colors. Perfect intra workout or post workout recovery drink. Take on non-training days to optimize recovery.
  • All-in-One Support - AminoLean Recovery is so much more than just a post workout supplement. It is all-in-one support that can be incorporated into your daily wellness routine. The more recovered you are, the more you can achieve.

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